There are five (5) officers elected to a term of two years each. The President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer are elected in even–numbered years.


General Responsibilities

1.      Each officer shall attend board and general meetings regularly.

2.      Each officer shall execute the duties of his (her) office as defined in the By-laws

      and Procedures Manual.

3.      Each officer shall be an ex-officio member of each committee he (she) oversees.



1.   The President is the Chief Executive Officer for all board meetings and general      membership meetings.

2.   He (she) shall conduct the annual review of Society policies and procedures.

3.   He (she) shall delegate authority to each officer and committee chairman as specified in the Procedures Manual and in accord with established policies of the Board of Governors.

4.   He (she) shall monitor the activities of all officers and committee chairmen.

5.   Receive regular reports from each officer for review at Board meetings.

6.   Appoint a representative responsible for the relations with the American Numismatic Association and the Central States Numismatic Society.

7.   Appoint an Audit Committee.

8.   Appoint M.N.S. Journal Editor. 

9.   Appoint a General Coin Show chairman.  This chairman will appoint a Committee to arrange the annual coin show. 


Vice President

1.   Preside over board and general meetings in the absence of the President.

2.   Appoint a committee head to secure a meeting place for the monthly meeting and arrange for the program and refreshments.

3.   Appoint a Banquet Committee to arrange the annual Christmas banquet.

4.   Appoint a Membership Committee.

5.   Appoint, with the concurrence of the President, a Nominating Committee to establish a slate of nominees for all offices and the Board of Governors as prescribed in the By-laws.






Recording Secretary

1.   Record and report the minutes of each monthly general meeting and each Board of Governors meeting in a bound volume.

2.   Deliver to the President a list of unfinished business or projects for analysis.

3.   Receive all membership applications and the appropriate dues, assign membership numbers, add the names to the mailing list, and transfer the collected dues to the Treasurer at the earliest opportunity.

4.   Issue appropriate membership cards to each member and maintain a file of membership.

5.   Maintain a listing of membership numbers in numeric sequence with the member’s name and date of membership.


Corresponding Secretary

1.    Be responsible for all official mailings to and from the Society.

2.        Issue a Newsletter prior to each general meeting.  This Newsletter will identify the date, time, location  and speaker of the next general meeting.

3.   The Secretary shall requisition from the Treasurer the necessary funds for purchase of correspondence supplies and disburse the same for the day-to-day needs of M.N.S.

4.   The Secretary shall appoint a committee for M.N.S. publications.

5.   The Secretary shall appoint a committee for sick and welfare.



1.   The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all monies of M.N.S., noting on the

      deposit slip the reason(s) for the funds (i.e. dues, show receipts, donations, etc.).

2.   Maintain a list of all investments with the appropriate information such as due dates and interest rates.

3.   The Treasurer shall report the checking account balance at each regular meeting and publish a complete accounting quarterly.

4.   Maintain an accounting system and make available to the Board of Governors a balance sheet at least quarterly.

5.   Receive and pay all authorized invoices.

6.   Maintain control of all assets of the Society, including but not limited to the safety deposit box(es), investment certificates and all other valuables. An inventory shall be maintained for the Board.

7.   Coordinate with the General Coin Show Chairman and receive the final proceeds with the final Show Report.

8.   Annually review insurance coverage, lease arrangements and all other financial obligations of the Society with appropriate recommendations.

9.   Forecast a budget for each committee in concert with the other officers and  submit it to the Board prior to the first meeting of each year.

10.  Oversee the preparation and submission of Federal and State forms, the State    incorporation fee, and notifies the Secretary of such actions.

11.  Appoint the Property committee.





General Premises

1.   The Board of Governors consists of seven members elected to serve a term of two years. They are to be elected in even numbered years.

2.   Each Governor must be a regular member and in good standing with the Society for two years to be eligible for nomination.

3.   Each Governor will regularly attend the Board and General meetings.  




ANA and CSNS Club Representative(s)

1.    Appointed by the President.

2.    Reports quarterly to the Board.

3.    Sends information on current Society activities to each organization for publication.


Property Committee

1.    Is appointed by, and responsible to, the Treasurer.

2.    Annually surveys the space and location needs for

       a.    Case and equipment storage

       b.    All other physical assets.

3.    Reviews the current building lease, and advises the Treasurer on lease renewal.


Audit Committee

1.    The Audit Committee is appointed by, and responsible to the President.

2.     The Audit Committee shall review and certify the accounts of the Treasurer, including such physical investigation as deemed necessary.

3.    The Audit Committee shall report the findings to the President, the Treasurer and Board of Governors as prescribed by the By-laws or as requested by the Board.


Banquet Committee

1.     The Banquet Committee, including Committee head, is appointed by, and responsible to the Vice-President.

2.     Selects the location, meal and entertainment for this annual event held in December.

3.     Designs the annual gift to the membership.

4.     Secures and presents all awards and certificates.

5.     Submits all invoices to the Treasurer.


Membership Committee  

1.     The Membership Committee, including Committee head, is appointed by, and responsible to the Vice-President.

2.     Establishes new member goals and mans the membership table at the annual coin show.

3.    Appoints a greeter(s) to welcome new members and explain the various club activities.


Show Committee

1.        The Show Committee is appointed by, and responsible to the General Coin       Show Chairman.

2.        Arranges the physical facilities for the show, establishes table and admission fees, arranges for exhibits and awards, and arranges for security and advertising and all other necessary activities.

3.        Secures the necessary manpower to run the show.

4.        Accounts to the Treasurer for all expenses and income from the show.


Meeting Committee

1.    The Meeting Committee is appointed by, and responsible to the Vice-President.

2.    Contracts for a meeting place ample for the number of members normally attending the monthly meeting.

3.    Assures that a program of interest to the membership is presented at each meeting.

4.    Assures the refreshments are available.

5.    Submits invoices to the Treasurer for any budgeted expenses.

6.    Assures that attendance prizes are available at each meeting.


Sick and Welfare Committee

1.    The Sick and Welfare Committee is appointed by, and responsible to the Corresponding Secretary.

2.    Reports at the monthly meeting of any sick, hospitalized or deceased members.

3.    Sends flowers and cards to members who are ill or incapacitated and to families of recently deceased members.

4.    Submits invoices to the Treasurer for any budgeted expenses.


Publications Committee

1.         The Publications Committee is appointed by, and responsible to the Corresponding Secretary.

2.         Arranges for publication of the Missouri Journal of Numismatics as defined by the Procedures for the Journal.






1.     Is appointed by the President.

2.    Coordinates and supervises all phases of the Journal.


General Premises

1.    A major research article should be included in each issue.

2.    Each journal should contain articles to accommodate varied interests, coins, paper currency, medals, tokens, etc.

3.    In-house reports include the President’s Report, Ancient Coin  Study Group Report, Calendar of Events and Junior Membership (Young Numismatists) Report.

4.    A Table of Contents occupies the first page.

5.    Editing choices are made at the discretion of the editor.



1.    Major research article should

       a.    be original research or analysis.

       b.    properly credit source material.

       c.    emphasize numismatic rather than just historical information.


2.    President’s Report

       a.    should be written as a mid-year report on the Society’s activities.

       b.    includes a listing of officers and board members.


3.    Ancient Coin Study Group Report


4.    Calendar of Events

a.    lists all area numismatic events. Compile from sources listed in this section.  Also check trade paper for listings.

b.        separately lists the M.N.S. programs for the upcoming year.

c.         separately lists the World Coin Club programs for the upcoming year. Secure information from WCC Program chairman.

d.        separately lists the meeting schedules for the St. Louis Numismatic Association, the St. Clair Coin Club, and Dupo Coin Club. Secure information from the respective Presidents or Program chairmen of these clubs.


5.    M.N.S. Membership Report (Young Numismatists)

Includes activities with photos if possible.


6.     Table of Contents

        a.    uses separate listings for articles and for advertisers.

        b.    is placed on page 1.


7.     Miscellaneous articles

        a.    should provide a backlog of 1, 2, or 3 page articles to fill pages if needed.

        b.   may include reprints if no current copyright exists and the article has merit.

     c.   may come through encouraging new members to write short articles on   their specialties.



1.    is under the charge of the advertising manager.

2.    advertising prices are [ 5.5”x 8.5” ~page]  In Year 2007

cover -------------------- $300.00

              full inside page -------  $200.00

              half inside page ------  $110.00

              quarter inside page --   $60.00

back half page -------- $100.00







General Premises

1.    The annual coin show is the major fund raiser for the M.N.S.

2.     The annual three day show is held during the summer.


General Show Chairman

1.     is under the oversight of the President.

2.    supervises all phases and committees relating to the annual coin show.

3.    selects chairmen and committee members for the coin show.

4.    issues a final report and balance sheet for the show operation within 90 days after the end of the coin show.

5.   General Show Chairman plus one other Board Member, selected by the President, contracts with the show site for the following year’s coin show.


Committees Responsible to the General Show Chairman

1.     Auction - may be contracted with a reputable firm.

2.    Bourse Chairman

        a.    ranks second only to the General Show Chairperson.

        b.   reviews bourse contract terms adding suggestions from the M.N.S. Board.

        c.   mails table contracts and dealer application forms  prior to January 30.

            1.     dealers from previous show are given first preference.

            2.     bourse openings are solicited at the discretion of the Bourse Chairman.

        d.   obtains badges, dealer signs and any other paraphernalia required.

e.   obtains merchant’s license and special events license from appropriate authority.

f.    Oversees the issuance of early bird badges at beginning of dealer set-up for a fee of $70.00 each.

g.  decides if M.N.S. cases and lights will be used or if they will be obtained from somewhere else.

3.   Educational Displays   

      a.    are solicited from the membership.

      b.    members who make up displays for the show are recompensed $50.00.

      c.    under the supervision of Exhibit Chairman.

4.    Hospitality Room (Optional at the discretion of the General Show Chairman)

      a.   is open to workers at the coin show.

      b.   provides lunch meats cheeses, soda and snacks.

      c.  under the supervision of Hospitality Room Committee Chairman.

5.    Journal and Program

      a.   is under the responsibility of the Corresponding Secretary.

      b.   necessary information is to be supplied to the journal editor by all show committee chairmen.

      c.   the program insert will include:

            1.        dealers list

            2.        floor plan

            3.        calendar

            4.        membership application

6.   Property

      a.   coordinates with Boy Scout Troop 641 for help in setting up and breaking down show

      b.   if M.N.S. cases are used:

            1.        requires truck and volunteer driver.

            2.        cases, keys, lights, signs and miscellaneous equipment.

                       a.         are removed from storage.

                       b.         are issued with keys at the show site on the set-up night.

                       c.         the extra cases are rented at $15 each, lights are rented at $10                            each.

            3.        show break-down begins after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.

            4.        sees that all necessary society equipment arrives at the coin show and    is returned to the proper storage area.

      c.    if M.N.S. cases are not used:

            1.        obtains cases from third party (John Golde)

            2.        show break-down begins after 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.

7.   Publicity

      a.   employs media coverage when available.

      b.   includes advertising in (the following are suggestions.  The actual ads will be determined on a show by show basis).

            1.        The Numismatist (free calendar listings).

            2.        The Coin Dealer Newsletter (paid display ad).

            3.        Coin World (paid calendar listings and display ad).

            4.        Numismatic News (free calendar listings and paid display ad).

            5.        The Bank Note Reporter (paid display ad).

            6.        Journal Newspapers (paid classified ads).

 7.        St. Louis Post Dispatch (paid classified display ads – 10 days – and free listings in the calendar section).

8.        Local radio and TV stations (free community advertising).

c.   designs, prints and distributes flyers.


8.   Registration

      a.  obtains registration cards and admission tickets.

      b.  uses M.N.S. membership volunteers or hires outside help to enter show                                     attendees into registration system

      c.  prepares dealers’ packets.

9.     Security

      Insures the host site security requirements are met.

10.  Wooden Dollar

      a.   commemorates a Missouri or local historic or numismatic event.

                 b.   is ordered from “Old Time Wooden Nickel Company” or suitable alternate company. 


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